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Roll Over!!

If your workload has evolved anything like mine, it has felt like I've been asked to roll over constantly over the past year. As the changes continue in our industry and in the work place, with staffing shortages and even positions being eliminated by corporate decisions, I've been asked daily to make changes. Can you roll-over and take on this project along with everything else? We need to shorten a deadline, can you roll-over and get this done a week earlier? Can you help another resort with their questions about a system upgrade you had last year? Are you feeling overwhelmed? (Only kidding, no one asks about that!)

I expect many of our chapter members are feeling the pinch. I know the chapter board members have expressed the same frustrations, and we rarely hear from members so I suspect it feels like no one has the time. Networking and meetings with industry professionals, once considered important and a part of the job, has now become a luxury. Yet we truly need this interaction, not only for assistance with our work challenges, but for our own assurance that we are all in the same predicament and on the same team.

The good news is that we can help each other. We can share solutions and innovations. However the only way to do so is to hear from you. With so many changes in the last few years we know that the only way we can assist our members to be successful is to hear what you want and need. Your HFTP Arizona Chapter board members can guess at what works in our own careers right now but we want to help you. And we can't do that without your input. Please respond - it doesn't matter how brief, your input is valuable and truly needed now more than before. Let us know how often you'd like meetings or information from our chapter. Do you prefer to meet in person or do remote meetings work best for you? And what subjects are most important to you? We have a wealth of resources and information to share but it is worthless if the content is not needed or of interest to you.

So please, stop rolling over for a minute and let us know what would help you most. We want to support you but can only do so if we hear from you!

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