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Teaching A New Dog Old Tricks

So this evening I began educating myself about blogs. To be honest I didn't know anything about them but boy is there a ton of information out there. It's a whole world that you can get pulled right into; looking around, reading, clicking links then finding yourself hours later wondering where the time went - like TV or Facebook or (dare I say it) Candy Crush. And looking at the "How To's" they also have a bit of their own lingo (your niche, make it sticky, above the fold). Thankfully not a lot of abbreviations since I had a hard enough time with IDK, WTH and IMHO. This morning my Regional Controller sent me an instant message that read "GM - need to postpone meeting" and it took me several minutes to realize he wasn't referring to my General Manager, he was saying Good Morning, LOL!

So as I searched Communication Blogs for something I could share with our chapter (after all the core of Hospitality has to be good communication to make others feel welcome and comfortable) I kept finding more content about how to share rather than what I could share. Therefore I decided to take the plunge myself and share what I learned.

First, there is a ton out there right now about how things have changed this year and about how much of the impact will be permanent. What I found really interesting is that most all agreed that "Communication is King" especially as we distance ourselves physically from each other. Clarity was a recurring theme as well. Know what you want to say, be clear in your writing, and make sure your audience can understand your message. One tip was to always type slowly, deliberately and thoughtfully, watching for any form of bias. Another word that repeated was connect. Regular check-ins with your teams (work, friends, family) are necessary and welcome. And even when you think expectations and communications have been made crystal clear, repetition may be in order. In other words, "Play it again Sam!" Finally; measure, adapt and move on. Which seems like a good place to wrap it up.

Overall I think now, more than ever, we need each other. So the more we communicate the more we connect. The more we connect and support each other, the more we grow both individually and as a team. Of course these aren't new truths, but under the magnifying glass of a global crisis, they've become clearer truths for more of us.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the changes have impacted you this year and what you've learned. Please leave a comment!

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1 Comment

Art Burger
Art Burger
Jun 30, 2020

GM (Ha ha.. would never have thought of this as Good Morning either!!). CIK - we have a new acronym (abbreviation or what ever!!) Communication is definately King and all of us in the Hospitality Industry working together and connecting will get through this crazy time. We made it through 911 (which actually took in many businesses in our Industry around 5 years) and will make it through Covid - together!.

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